Fabrication of Saddle Fundament

Client: Tier 1 service company

In collaboration with a tier 1 service company, our team executed the project of Saddle Fundament strength calculations, fabricating the components directly in our own workshop for use on their offshore asset. 

This project not only required rigorous engineering and precise calculations but also capitalized on our in-house fabrication capabilities to ensure quality and efficiency. 

Working closely with the client's specialists, we tailored the design to withstand operational stresses and maintain high structural integrity under demanding conditions.

Services delivered:

  • In-House Fabrication: Crafted the Saddle Fundament components in our own workshop, ensuring strict quality control and adherence to exact specifications
  • Engineering Collaboration: Partnered effectively with client's engineering team to develop and refine the strength calculations, optimizing the design for safety and performance
  • Outcome and Impact: The robust design and fabrication process enhanced the operational efficiency of client’s equipment, reducing downtime and improving overall asset performance
  • Regulatory Compliance: Guaranteed that all fabricated components met industry standards and regulations, providing a reliable and compliant solution for the client

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