Code of conduct

Message from the CEO

FØN Energy Services is dedicated to building a leading-edge energy service company within the operations and maintenance (O&M) domain, while ensuring sustainable existence. In doing so, we seek to apply the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and thoroughly integrate ethical principles in every decision we take. This Code of Conduct is our public declaration that we, as a company, and each and every one of us as individuals are committed to ensuring that we develop a leading energy service company, while staying true to our values, and doing what is right for business, society, and the environment.

Understand and apply the code of conduct: Our Code of Conduct must be adhered to not only while we are working, but also when we are not at work: Integrity is a state of being, and it should guide our actions beyond just compliance, ensuring that we make the right choices in all situations. It is important that we understand the integrity risks we face in our roles, how to manage them, and who to turn to for advice and help if ever in doubt.  

Follow the Code of conduct without compromise: Integrity starts with us as individuals. We must conduct all our business with integrity, while respecting differences across cultures and the rights of the individuals we interact with. We must also seek to make a positive impact in the societies we are present while ensuring that sustainability is a key motto for us.   

Speak up without fear: We seek to build an open culture and environment where people are comfortable speaking up. We will not compromise the values, commitments and expectations established by the Code of Conduct. Any breach of the Code of Conduct must be reported. If you have questions, or in the event you are concerned about a potential breach of the Code, please contact your manager, the top management team, or report it via our whistleblowing email to:

Thank you for your continued commitment to upholding our culture of compliance and integrity.