About Føn

Orchestrating a smarter energy future

Føn Energy Services is an independent service provider to the energy sector. With solid industrial backing from The IKM Group and Akastor (The Aker group) Føn is industrializing and digitizing the industry. Our industrial backing allows us to offer integrated services to our customers and reduce the number of interfaces and knowledge throughout the project phase. We do this by investing in people and technology and by being willing to offset risk and uncertainty from our clients.

An unmatched HSEQ track record

Føn Energy Services, with over 30 years of excellence in the offshore industry, upholds the highest HSEQ standards. Our practices are anchored in the stringent Norwegian safety regulations, renowned globally for their rigor. We are proudly certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, demonstrating our commitment to superior Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management. Trust Føn to exceed the industry’s quality and safety expectations.

Shortening time to value through M&A

M&A is an integral part of our growth strategy and has been so from the very begining. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or investor who want to join our mission to become a leading energy service provider at the very forefront of the energy transition, feel free to reach out for an informal chat about how we can collaborate.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our people

To be successful we need to attract top talent across the board - we are proud to say that we are building an industry leading team.

  • Head shot of Sindre Rhrich

    Sindre Rhrich

    Interim CEO

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  • Head shot of Nikolaj Stald

    Nikolaj Stald

    Chief Commercial Officer

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  • Head shot of Håkon Torgnes

    Håkon Torgnes

    Director of Corporate Development

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  • Head shot of Terje Berg

    Terje Berg

    Commercial Lead

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  • Head shot of Alistair Franke

    Alistair Franke

    Finance Director

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  • Head shot of Terje Solheim

    Terje Solheim

    Head of Engineering

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  • Head shot of John Dicom

    John Dicom

    Sales Director

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  • Head shot of Paul Van Tongeren

    Paul Van Tongeren

    Sales Director

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  • Head shot of Peter Van Veen

    Peter Van Veen

    Project Director

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  • Head shot of Magnus Aarseth

    Magnus Aarseth

    Project Director

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  • Head shot of Mats Både Hansen

    Mats Både Hansen

    Head of Workshop

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  • Head shot of Klaus Noack

    Klaus Noack

    Head of Production

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  • Head shot of Christina Maliska

    Christina Maliska

    Head of HSEQ

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  • Head shot of Nanna Therese Tollefsen

    Nanna Therese Tollefsen

    Executive Director, Aker Horizons

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  • Head shot of Øyvind Paaske

    Øyvind Paaske

    Chief Financial Officer, Akastor ASA

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  • Head shot of Carl-Johan Almestad

    Carl-Johan Almestad

    SVP Business Development – Renewables

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  • Head shot of Marius Bøhler

    Marius Bøhler

    Investment Manager, Akastor

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  • Head shot of Øystein Stjern

    Øystein Stjern

    Deputy CEO, IKM Group

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  • Head shot of Didier de Graaff

    Didier de Graaff

    Managing Director, DISA International

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Please reach out to us to learn more about Føn, what we do and how we can address your unique challenges. 

Commercial Inquiries: Nikolaj, Corporate Inquiries: Håkon

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