Miscellaneous rental equipment

Beyond the primary categories, we extends our rental options to include a diverse range of tools and machinery suited for specific and general tasks. This includes pneumatic core drills, hydraulic pumps, induction heaters, and more. Each piece of equipment is maintained to the highest standards and is available for both short-term and long-term rental, ensuring flexibility and reliability for projects requiring high-quality, certified equipment for specialized and everyday construction and maintenance tasks.

Miscellaneous rental products

  1. Equipment Container

    Equipment Container

    Containers with tools, lifting equipment and consumables. Inspected annually and approved for lifting, also available for offshore.

  2. Scissor lifts

    Scissor Lifts

    The ZS0808DC-Li is an electric scissor lift from Zoomlion that has a capacity of 230kg and a working height of 10 meters.

    Delivered with its own trailer.

  3. Pneumatic Threading Machine Ridgid Model 535

    Pneumatic Threading MachineRidgid Model 535

    Large tile tray and oil reservoir do

    535 ideal for longer uninterrupted use

    Maximum uptime with the upgrades bringing most value to the user

  4. Solving Air System

    Solving Air System

    The system is suitable for moving heavy equipment in places with little space for conventional crane solutions

    11 tonnes
  5. Reel Devices

    Reel Devices

    Operation: Electro-hydraulic Voltage range: 400-690VAC 63A Two wire rope drums Maximum tension 24,000N, adjustable constant tension.

    Rotational speed 0.7rpm Size 4000x2993x2438 Tare 7,320kg MGW 10,000kg Hydraulic spool device is equipped with Ex zone 1 and 2 equipment, type Norsok U-99, and certified for use in Atex Zone 2

  6. Reel Devices 2

    Reel Devices

    Operation: Pneumatic Air supply: 7bar, Steel drum Maximum tension 24,000N

    Rotational speed 0.7rpm at 20m3/min Size 3134x1900x2000 (LxWxH) Tare 1,605kg MGW 6,000kg Type Norsok U-99 and certified for use in Atex Zone 2

  7. Torque wrench

    Torque wrench (Nm-900, NM-300)

    480-940 Nm, 60-300Nm
    Britool, Stahlwille
    1397mm, 553mm
  8. Ridgid Color Inspection Camera

    Ridgid Color Inspection Camera

    The system has recording options for images, video and sound. Supplied in a handy case with all the necessary equipment, as well as an extension cable, rotatable image and 2x zoom

  9. Seawater Pumps

    Seawater Pumps

    2" Elima-matic Bolted Aluminium-ATEX

    Seawater pump which is connected with compressed air.

  10. Shackles


    Shackles from 1.25T to 250T We carry out an annual inspection or a new inspection according to your wishes.

    DNV 2.7-1 Certified

  11. Induction heating

    Induction Heating

    Max power 1.5 kW. 10 A. fuse

    Multi-tool for loosening bolts, nuts and the like during repair and service work.

    Heats the bolt red hot in seconds

  12. Sheave Blocks

    Sheave Blocks

    Sheave Blocks from 1 – 20Tons

    We carry out an annual inspection or a new inspection according to your wishes.

    Offshore approved.

  13. Cengar CL75 Pneumatic Air Saw ATEX Certified

    Cengar CL75 Pneumatic Air Saw - ATEX Certified

    Hand held or clamp mounted to cut heavier sections and pipes up to 150mm dia

    Uses 19mm Bi-Metal blade

  14. Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic Pumps

    We stock a number of pumps from Larzep.

    Please contact us to find the right product for your operation

  15. Electro Permanent Magnet Lifter

    Electro Permanent Magnet Lifter


    SWL: 950kg Flat and 400kg round objects


    200-240 V-AC 1 PH / 6 A

  16. Bristle Blaster Pneumatic

    Bristle Blaster Pneumatic

    Bristle Blasting technology simultaneously removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile.

    The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy equivalent to standard processes using sandblasting media.

Other rental products

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    Mob boats

    We offer mob boats for sale and rental designed for efficient performance in diverse maritime applications.

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