Stand-alone service (IMR)

Specialized smaller scope services across all key disciplines at competitive commercials, emphasizing rapid mobilization to meet urgent needs. Our offerings include preventive maintenance and service, statutory inspection and certification, unplanned troubleshooting and repair, as well as rapid response services. These services are designed to be quickly deployable, ensuring timely and efficient resolutions tailored to specific operational requirements.

Preventive maintenance and service

Preventive Maintenance and Service are designed to ensure your asset operates at peak efficiency, despite the demanding marine environment. By conducting regular inspections, lubrications, and adjustments, we address the unique challenges of offshore conditions, extending the life of your equipment and maximizing energy output. Our main objective is Trust us to keep the asset in prime condition, reducing the risk of downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

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Wind Farm Maintenance (planned and unplanned)

Wind Turbine Manufacturer

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Statuary inspection and certification

Compliance and safety are paramount in the offshore wind industry. Our Statutory Inspection and Certification service ensures that your assets and related structures not only meet but exceed the stringent regulatory standards. From detailed safety system evaluations to structural integrity checks, our rigorous testing regime guarantees that operations stay compliant and secure, preserving your operational licenses and enhancing worker safety​.

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Inspection and Maintenance of Offshore Assets

Tier 1 service company

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Unplanned troubleshooting and repair

Our Unplanned Troubleshooting and Rapid Response Services are essential for the offshore sector, ensuring swift and effective handling of both routine issues and emergencies. Our skilled technicians are prepared for quick mobilization to tackle any challenges, from unexpected equipment failures to urgent storm-related damages. This service is designed to minimize downtime, maintain safety, and ensure that operations quickly return to full productivity

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