Rapid Repair of Transformers

Client: Large Renewable Developer

In February 2024, our team provided technical support at an offshore wind farm, owned by a major renewable developer. This project involved intricate faultfinding and the subsequent repair of a critical transformer. Upon notification of the issue, we quickly mobilized a specialized crew consisting of two highly skilled high-voltage (HV) technicians who were deployed directly to the site. We also coordinated closely with the original equipment manufacturer to secure the necessary spare parts, ensuring that all repairs were carried out using components of the highest quality and specifications.


  • Mobilized two high-voltage (HV) technicians to the site promptly to address the emergency.
  • Sourced and delivered necessary spare parts directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Performed thorough faultfinding to diagnose the issue, followed by expert repairs to restore transformer functionality.

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