Repair of hose reels

Client: Tier 1 service company

We successfully completed a repair project for a Tier 1 service company in Norway, focusing on the Hose Reels designated for installation on their offshore platform. 

This project involved meticulous restoration work, where we prioritized the reuse of salvageable parts from the original reels to enhance sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

Our team's expertise in refurbishment ensured that the repaired Hose Reels met all operational standards required for harsh marine environments.

Services delivered:

  • Sustainable Practices: Maximized the reuse of usable parts from the original hose reels, reducing waste and lowering the environmental impact
  • Expert Refurbishment: Conducted comprehensive repairs in our workshop, ensuring that all components functioned reliably and met the specific needs of the platform
  • Quality Assurance: Implemented rigorous testing protocols to guarantee that the refurbished hose reels performed optimally in their intended operational settings
  • Cost Efficiency: Delivered a cost-effective solution by refurbishing existing equipment, significantly reducing expenses for the client

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