Large scale test-equipment

Client: Multi-National Drilling Company

We successfully completed a substantial delivery project for a large drilling company, involving a complete supply of water weights and load cells in various sizes. Managed through IKM SolidTech, this project showcased our ability to handle large-scale logistics and supply operations. By meeting the unique specifications required by our clients, we ensured that the equipment delivered was perfectly suited for rigorous operational conditions.

-Comprehensive Supply of Water Weights: Delivered a wide range of water weights (vanbags), demonstrating our capacity to meet diverse and large-volume equipment needs.
- Customized Load Cell Solutions: Provided load cells in various sizes, tailored to the specific operational requirements.
- Reliable and Timely Delivery: Ensured all components were delivered accurately and on schedule, critical for maintaining the uninterrupted operations of our clients.
- Efficient Project Management: Worked in close coordination with IKM SolidTech to manage all aspects of logistics, ensuring smooth project execution and high client satisfaction.

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