Using digital tools to drive operational efficiency

Working together with our expert partners to create digital efficiencies

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    1. Improved in-field efficiency

    increased operational efficiency through access to documentation, data and in-field support for technical personnel coupled with autonomous inspection methods

  2. 2. Reduced number of offshore trips

    Streamlined planning and project management that reduces interfaces and enables bundling of services to minimise number of offshore trips

  3. 3. Enhanced asset performance

    Collection and contextualisation of data from different sources to improve decision making criteria for asset owners and increase asset performance

Solving challenges in offshore wind

How do we use digital tools to maximize uptime and deliver services in smarter and more efficient way? Our Digital Spotlight series with Cognite's Christian Nærup Børke and our own Alistair Franke covers how we solve challenges in offshore wind leveraging cutting edge digital solutions.

Harnessing data for industrial use

Most companies spend 80% of cleaning data and just 20% utilizing this. Our digital sit down series with our partners, Cognite. Alistair and Christian discuss the importance of working to ensure less time is spend sorting data and more time is spend leveraging insights from it.  Our strategic objective is to industrialize and digitize operations together with our excellent partners.

Transitioning skills from traditional energy to wind energy

Transitioning digital solutions from traditional energy to wind, what does that look like in practice? Our digital sit down series with our friends and partners at Cognite addresses just this point, as Alistair and Kristian discuss the energy transition.